Our Services

Most seniors or disabled adults if given the choice, would continue to live in their own home as long as possible. Homes are convenient, familiar, comfortable and close to friends and neighbors. However, it is inevitable that ​many of us will need some type of extended care at some time in our lives. If the are unable to stay alone and at home during the day, Seniors 2000 of San Antonio can arrange transportation to and from the center. We provide quality nursing care, hot meals, snacks, exercises, personal care and social activities.

Our nursing staff formulate an individual care plan for each client. They interact with physicians and report all changes in the clients medical condition. Our admission procedure includes a formal, initial application assessment, a pre-admission interview, and a review of the client medical history with current medication and dietary requirements.

Our Seniors 2000  Activities Director evaluates each client and designs an activity program specifically for individual client.  ​The program encourages the participant to be socially involved in the center's community.

On-Site Nursing

Our nursing staff develops a care plan for each of our clients. A change in a medical condition is promptly reported to the primary care physician.

Healthy Meals

Our centers serve breakfast, lunch and a mid-afternoon snack, all prepared in our own central kitchen. A registered dietitian designs our menus, ensuring that all dietary needs are met. ​

Therapeutic Activities

Daily therapeutic activities may include moderate exercise, games, or crafts, all tailored to every individual's abilities. We have a pool table for guys and gals to play all day long. Occasionally, we do bible studies, Zumba, and movies.


We arrange for our clients to have safe transportation to and from their homes daily, making adult care services convenient. We hold Field Trips once in a while, enjoy visiting local libraries, local shops and or parks with our staff members accompanying a small group of clients. We keep our daily activities fresh everyday. Boredom is a thing of the past.

Seniors 2000 of San Antonio Adult Day Activities And Health Services